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What are the Sneeze Guards? 

Sneeze Guards are plastic screens used to protect customers and employees in various industries. These Guards help prevent the spread of infectious illnesses and airborne viruses.

What is the Sneeze Guards made of?

Generally, Sneeze Guards are made of super clear plexiglass and acrylic, which makes it durable, lightweight, easy to install and clean.  

How can I clean Sneeze Guards?  

You only need soft cloth, warm water and mild soap or detergent solution to take care of Sneeze Guards.

Do I need professional help to install Sneeze Guards?

Everything you need to assemble your Sneeze Guard is already included in the package. Installing the Guard does not require additional tools or professional help and can be done in several minutes. 

When will I receive my Sneeze Guard?

Usually, our products are shipped within 48 hours after placing your order. Generally, it will take up to a week to be delivered, but exceptions apply considering the shipping destination. For more details regarding our Policy, check our page.