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Keep your Employees Safe and Protected


Keeping your employees safe and protecting all your customers and guests have never been as crucial as nowadays. The worldwide pandemic has probably changed the interactions forever, and every business needs to adjust. To follow social distancing rules and reinforce public health regulations, workplaces and public spaces have to maintain extra barriers between workers and guests.


            We offer Acrylic Sneeze Guards that will help you create a safe environment. Sneeze Guards are extremely helpful to prevent the spread of seasonal or airborne illnesses by creating physical distance and barrier. Sneeze Guards are a must-have for various industries including restaurants, cafes, bars, hospitality, convenience stores, pharmacies, retail shops, schools and universities, beauty salons, offices.


            While Sneeze Guards being easy to clean and even easier to install, they guarantee the security of your workplace. Through having such guards installed at your workplace, you invest in the well-being of your employees and gratitude of your customers. The message you are sending by caring about public health will translate into promoting and improving your business.